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If you love your city.
Really love your city, and our design objects.
Then, please continue reading...

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How about my city?

London, New York City and Amsterdam are part of our core collection.
However, we do receive one and the same question again and again: could you eternalize also my city into such a grand design object?

New designs do bring about a lot of effort, time and resources. However, since we love to make city and design aficionados happy, we have come up with the City-on-Request concept. A concept which fits our brand strategy of connecting people, selective manufacturing & stock keeping, and caring about quality and craftsmanship.

Check for more information on the pending designs open for subscription: The Hague City Cufflinks


“Because great moments in your favourite city pass by in the blink of an eye, we could capture your city and the nice memories linked to it in a tangible object. Handmade by craftsmen, in the finest quality.”

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The design
It all starts with what we call a City Ambassador. A person who loves his or her city, ánd has an extensive local network.

In co-operation with this Ambassador we assess the essence of the specific city, related to relevant iconic architectural highlights. Subsequently, the Ambassador will help us kick-start the development and realisation of the new design by activating his or her network. We also activate our network, including related media efforts. This joint effort enables and accelerates a new city design.

And sorry, major world cities or nation’s capitals only.

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Signature edition: defined deadline, limited number 

Subscription period then starts. In the meantime we develop the design up to a prototype.

When a sufficient number of people and/or corporations show interest in their favourite city design - within a designated deadline - we then start to manufacture this city in sterling silver.

A new design is launched as a Signature edition, including a numbered certificate, signed personally by the designer of the cufflinks. This edition is limited. First come, first serve. This will not be part of our core collection of cities.

Are you -or do you know- a potential City Ambassador? Please mail us. For potential City Ambassadors we have additional information. Click here.