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City Cufflinks® is a design brand offering a series of world cities designs epitomized in silver. All cufflinks are handmade of the highest quality sterling silver. Design by Seroj. The first design -of Amsterdam- is available via the leading Dutch department store de Bijenkorf (part of the Selfridges group), the famous Rijksmuseum, The Society Shop and various other quality retailers.

The cufflinks are meant both as a practical quality men’s accessory as well as a pure object of design merely to watch and admire. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Our design objects are miniature sculptures of world cities, also to be used as cufflinks. Many people buy them just to put them on display as little objects reminding them of the city they love. A nice crossover of art, architecture and design.
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Amsterdam based product and accessory designer Seroj de Graaf -famous for his eye for details- dreamed for years of cufflinks appealing to his demanding taste. Seroj found inspiration in the diversity and beauty of the iconic canal houses in his hometown. The result: the Amsterdam Canal Cufflinks®.

The Mayor of Amsterdam acquired the first set, appreciated them and the rest -as they say- is history. The Amsterdam Canal Cufflinks® became an instant design classic.

The Amsterdam Canal Cufflinks® induced the ideas for a series of world cities. Each design captures the essence of a city creating new shapes and forms yet with certain design signatures such as the precisely-faceted top of each of the cufflinks. A shining star almost concealing the specific characteristics of the city displayed. All designed by Seroj.